How to Restore Pictures from SD Card?

SD card stands for Secure Digital card which are widely used in mobile phones, digital camera, tablets etc. They are mainly used to extend the storage capacity of these digital devices. SD cards are of varied shapes and sizes based on their storage capacity. There are different type of SD cards like- miniSD card, microSD card, SDHC card etc. Photos are priceless to us as we all are fond of it since our childhood and also that these files cannot be recreated. There are many different types of photo files such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIFF, TIFF, SR2, ARW, ORF, MRW etc. Now-a-days there are innumerable number of image capturing images in the market such as smartphone, tablets, digital camera, smart cameras etc with very high resolution and distinguishable unique features. Generally all the digital devices use SD card to expand their storage capacity. Have you ever come across some frustrating or disheartening situation where you do not find some of your cherished moments? Did you ever Google out stating “How can i recover photos from my SD card”? or How to Restore pictures from SD card? or How to retrieve images from SD card? Even Memory Stick is used to expand memory storage capacity of device. For data retrieval Memory Stick issue you go to the appropriate page by clicking here. get the complete solution about How Can I Recover Photos from My SD Card?

Look Into a Scenario-

Have you ever given a second thought that if in case your SD card dies on you suddenly, then what steps will you take to rescue files already stored in it? Are you going to get a new SD card? Do you know about How Can I Recover Photos from My SD Card? What if you do not have to do it anymore? Yes here is the industrially tested and crafted SD card photo recovery application that is supported on all the different versions of Windows and Mac computers and it retrieves all the innumerable digital RAW images.

For better understanding let us go through a common scenario which most of us have come across. You must have come across the situation when you are previewing recently captured images on your mobile phone and you were on the option menu to select functionality but suddenly you receive a call or a message drops in your inbox and your press the button in order to receive and the worst just happened!!! Your picture got deleted as you were about to scroll down the “Delete” option when a call came in. Now there is no worry even after such unfortunate thing happens. You can use this application not only to find deleted or lost pictures but also if your SD card is not detected. Click on this link: for more knowledge on How Can I Recover Photos from My SD Card? .

Special Feature of This SD Card Restoration Toolkit-

  1. This software is a professional SD card retrieval wizard with easy to understand user interface, fast built-in search algorithm and thorough scan program.
  2. With the help of this tool you can easily recover deleted pictures from your storage drive.

  3. It is compatible with all the different editions of Operating System that has been launched by both Windows and Apple so far.
  4. You can easily recover damaged compact flash card files with the help of this tool. Follow the link to know a bit more about this tool’s working details:
  5. This software supports recovery from different storage devices such as-
    • Memory Stick
    • USB drives
    • Flash Cards
    • CF, XD, MMC cards etc.
  6. It is best at retrieving damages, lost, or accidentally deleted images from different brands of portable storage devices.
  7. This tool can not only recover photos, but it is capable in recovering deleted files from cell phone SD card which includes all types of files like audio, video and many more.
  8. There is a feature to save the rescued pics to a CD / DVD and even one can start the restoration process anytime after selecting the “Save Recovery Session” option.
  9. This application does not modify the old files.
  10. It can be also used to restore SDHC card not detected in Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8 and service pack 3.

Mandatory Tips-

Use your SD card safely. Do not remove or unplug it abruptly from your computer, digital camera, mobile phones etc without using the “Safely Remove” icon. Keep scanning your SD card with an updated antivirus program. Maintain backup of important clicks. Avoid inserting your SD card in too many devices as the chance of it being infected by bugs like worms or adware increases. Keep a recovery program always with you. When you delete some of the clicks accidentally from your Secure Digital storage device, immediately stop working in it so as to prevent file overwriting.

Possible Reasons for Deletion / Loss of Pics from SD Card-

  • Deleting photo file imprudently- Inadvertent deletion takes place most often while we preview snaps on our digital gadgets or when we transfer some of the captured moments onto system’s HDD. While previewing the images we may click on the “Delete” or “Delete All” option unknowingly.
  • The second issue is while transferring single picture or multiple photo files/ folders from one device to another. We may hit the “Delete” option instead of selecting the “Send” option after selecting the files and folders that are to be moved. User needs to be more careful with their work.

  • Unaware Format Operation- All the digital devices these days are provided with the deadly option “Format All”. If user unintentionally selects the option all of a sudden everything that was accommodated into the SD flash card gets wiped off. These further results in huge loss of different type of multimedia files.
  • Corrupt SD card- Your SD card may get corrupted due to plenty of reasons such as-
    1. Virus infection
    2. Abrupt removal of SD memory card from digital media devices
    3. Excessive exposure to unauthenticated third party toolkit
    4. Old worn out storage device etc

    If your SD card gets corrupted or damaged due to some serious issues then it refuses to mount up on your computer and also on the device where the particular SD card resides. When SD flash memory card refuses to open up the files and folders accommodated within it too becomes inaccessible thereby results into huge loss of digital files this article describes about how to retrieve images from SD card? .

  • Few Other Reasons- Some other reasons responsible for deletion or loss of picture files include-
    1. Conking Batteries.
    2. Continuous capturing of images.
    3. Running an antivirus program.
    4. Improper handling of devices.

Guidelines that explains how to retrieve images from SD card-

First of all, user must download this recovery software and run on their computer to know how to restore pictures from SD card. After launching of the software, user needs to select the option "Recover Photos" from the main screen.

How Can I Recover Photos from My SD Card - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

In the second screen user need to select any one option "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover lost Photos" depending on the type of image loss and proceed further.

How Can I Recover Photos from My SD Card - Select Recovery option

Figure 2: Select Recovery Option

Next, use has to select the drive from which the want to recover their lost / deleted photo files. Since SD card is a type of memory card, hence user needs to select the option memory card and proceed further

How Can I Recover Photos from My SD Card - Drives Selection

Figure 3: Drive Selection

After selecting the type of storage medium a thoroough scan runs to perform deep search to regain all the deleted / lost files from the SD card. User can later view the retrieved images based on the Data Type View or File Type View and save the process.

How Can I Recover Photos from My SD Card - Save Files

Figure 4: Save Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users