How to Retrieve Data from Memory Stick?

Memory Stick is also shortened as MS, is another type of memory card that are supported by digital camera, high-end gadgets, PSP etc to store digital image, games, multimedia files etc. Memory Sticks were first ever developed by Sony in the year 1998. The family of memory stick includes variety of its type such as- Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick DUO, Memory Stick HG and Memory Stick Micro (M2). Memory Sticks comes in a package of different shapes and varied storage capacities which ranges from 32MB to 8GB. It can also be used in other digital devices such as camcorders. With the growing use of memory stick, how to retrieve data from a memory stick has become a matter of concern.

Let us consider a case of Sony Digital Cameras. We all are aware that Sony Memory Stick is used by Sony Digital Camera foe storing images. One can easily transfer or move photo folder from the digital device to their Windows or Mac computers and vice versa. The main advantage of this device is its portability and huge data storage capacity. But thing can go wrong while transferring information from one device to another. Your camera or your local machine may freeze all of a sudden or your memory stick may suddenly die on you. What will be your next step towards recovery?How to Retrieve Data from Memory Stick? Fortunately, you are lucky enough to get this memory stick recovery software.

The answer for the query how to recover data from Memory Stick? Is right here. This application not only helps you to retrieve data from Memory Stick, but it proves best to recover deleted files from Mini SD card, SDHC card, etc.

Different types of error you may need to while using the memory card are-

Picture files may vanish into ether from your SD card too due to severe damage of the card due to attack by suspicious malware / spyware / virus etc or sometimes due to usage to third party application.Now you might have a query How to Retrieve Data from Memory Stick? To know more on SD card recovery process and how to restore memory stick files? click here.

Special Features of This Software-

How to Retrieve Data from Memory Stick? This application has been crafted by industrial experts and is provided with a built-in search algorithm which is used to find photo, audio & video file formats by performing rigorous scan. This software’s advanced module even gets back data and files after re-installation of the personal computer. This tool is equipped with application that helps user to overcome error messages stating “MicroSD card is not getting detected on computer” etc. And, it is best suitable tool to recover files from corrupted Micro SD card. You can visit the below mentioned URL to know about the complete process on how to recover data from memory stick and how to get back files and folders after the display of such terrible error alerts. Click here: to view the detailed information on how to recover data from memory stick? .


Memory Stick are sophisticated storage medium and hence needs to be handled safely. One must always follow the proper method of removal of external portable USB device by clicking on the icon "Safely Remove the Device". Avoid using the device in unauthenticated and insecure devices so as to avoid virus infection. Once data goes missing from the device use mist stop using it and instal a recovery program to get back all the lost and deleted data information from the storage device.

Top Reasons for Data Loss / Deletion / Corruption on Memory Stick-

  • Accidental format of your USB Memory Stick- It happens generally when we are in a hurry for some important tasks and in this hurry-burry we inadvertently click on the “Format” option. One fast move leads to huge loss of all types of files and contents that were accommodated in it.
  • Wrongly Performing Deletion Operation- Data deleted from the USB device unintentionally also indirectly results in loss because when we delete files or folder from these devices it does not gets dumped into our Recycle Bin or Trash. Hence there can be severe loss of contents from Memory Stick if deletion is performed in wrong files. However, you can get back data from Memory Stick of different brands like Samsung using our recovery app. Besides Samsung Memory Stick, this utility also supports Samsung Memory card data recovery of various types like SD, CF, MMC, etc.
  • Unexpected Shut Down of the System- If our computer dies on us suddenly or shuts down abnormally, this too can lead to data loss if there runs any transferring process in background.
  • Damage due to Power failure- Your Memory Stick gets damaged when they are connected to your computer or is resided inside the digital camera and there takes place repeated power fluctuation when it is connected to the adapter or your digital device shuts down repeatedly due to battery issue. If you want to recover data from memory card on Mac computer, visit this link:
  • Computer Virus or Worm Infection- When you connect your memory stick to your computer, it might get infected by suspicious malware and worms if in case you computer is already infected by it. Hence it becomes mandatory to run a powerful updated antivirus scan on your computer often.

This is also a very useful tool for formatted memory card recovery process in just a few simple steps in an effective way. Have a glimples over this URL for detailed information:

Do you want to know more about how to restore memory stick files? Then check the below steps


Note: Recover Card Files tool is capable enough to perform CF card photo recovery by using it advanced algorithm that too within a fraction of seconds. Have a look over given URL to know more:

Steps that explains how to retrieve data from memory stick-

First of all, user must download this recovery software and run on their computer. After launching of the software, user needs to select the option "Recover Photos" from the main screen.

How to Retrieve Data from Memory Stick - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

In the second screen user need to select any one option "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" depending on the type of data loss and proceed further.

How to Retrieve Data from Memory Stick - Select Recovery Option

Figure 2: Select Recovery option

Next, use has to select the drive from which the want to recover their lost / deleted contents or information. Since Memory Stick is a type of memory card, hence user needs to select the option memory card and proceed further

How to Retrieve Data from Memory Stick - Select Card

Figure 3: Select Card

After selecting the type of storage medium a thoroough scan runs to perform deep search to regain all the deleted / lost files from the SD card. User can later view the retrieved images based on the "Data Type View" or "File Type View" and save the process.

How to Retrieve Data from Memory Stick - Save Files

Figure 4: Save Files

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