Restore Data from Samsung Memory Card

Samsung memory card is small and compact storage device which is used in many handheld devices such as mobile phones, camera, iPod, MP 3 player, etc. to store data. This is small sized memory card is considered to be safe and secure for data storage. But, sometimes it has been seen that due to corruption reason data from Samsung memory card is lost. If you are also witnessing this problem, then it is not a matter of worry, because you can easily get back data from Samsung memory card using Recover Card Files software. There are people who believe that data lost or deleted from memory card cannot be recovered back. But, this is not the truth, files or folders lost or deleted from Samsung memory card is not completely removed, instead only entry from file system is removed and data still dwells there on memory card that can be recovered using this simple yet proficient application.

The following are various reasons where data from Samsung memory card might be lost, take a quick glimpse.

Loss of data due to interruption while transferring: This is one of the most common reasons where you might lose data from your Samsung memory card. Suppose you need to transfer some crucial data to and from your memory card and the moment you start the transfer process any interruption like abrupt removal happens, then it would lead to inappropriate termination of transfer process and makes you to lose all your crucial data from your memory card. After knowing that your sensitive data has been lost from your Samsung memory card you must be in search of a tool which can perform data recovery on Samsung memory card, then Recover Card Files coule be highly suitable tool for you.

Accidental Formatting of memory card: This is another reason where data from your memory card is lost. The moment you connect your Samsung memory card to the system with aim to transfer data from it, an alert messages pops up asking that your “Memory card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”. If by mistake you click on yes button to proceed with then all the data is lost within a matter of seconds from your memory card. Data lost in such a way could you put at the centre of a terrible disaster in case there is no separate backup is kept of lost data. However, you can use our effective application to get formatted data back from your Memory card with ease. To find out a bit more about formatted data recovery on memory card have a glimpse of given page by navigating the link:

Accidental Deletion: This could also be a possible reason where your data is deleted from your Samsung Memory card. Generally, this happens when you wanted to delete some junk data from your Samsung memory card and end up with deleting your sensitive data in hurriedness. However, you can perform Samsung, Kingston, Strontium, Kingston Micro SD card recovery memory including other brands using this recovery tool.

Irrespective of data loss scenario you can perform Samsung memory card data recovery as long as you have not stored new data on it. Because, if you will store new data on your Samsung memory card then the lost or deleted data will be overwritten and data recovery on Samsung memory card becomes highly impossible. So, it is suggested by veteran software experts to avoid using storage device after deletion or loss that helps you to restore data from Samsung memory card successfull. You can recover data from Micro SD card which does not detected by system and other various storage devices such as SD card, SDHC card using this app. Recover Card Files is a famous tool across the globe and is capable to recover all types of data files from memory card like pictures, movies, songs, text files, documents, etc. with great ease. However, if you want to know how this software is effective in recovering pictures from your SD card, then go to:

Steps to recover data from Samsung Memory card:

Download and install demo version of this reliable software on your computer and then launch it. From the main application screen select Recover Photos as shown in figure 1. After that, choose "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" option based on your scenario.

Samsung Memory Card Data Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Now, from this screen choose the logical drive which represents your Samsung Memory card as shown in figure 2.

Samsung Memory Card Data Recovery - Select Memory Card

Figure 2: Select Memory Card

Once the recovery process is done, you can easily preview all the recovered data and once you are satisfied with its results you can save it using save option of this tool.

Samsung Memory Card Data Recovery - Save Recovered Data

Figure 3: Save Recovered Data

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